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Beyond Neuromarketing – How neuroscience expands into new areas of business

Neuromarketing provides companies with valuable insights into their customers’ unconscious behavior and decision-making. However, Neuromarketing is only one instance where neuroscience can be applied. With the increasing scalability and commercial availability of neuroscientific technology, new areas of application emerge. There are various types of stakeholders and materials beyond Neuromarketing that have not yet been explored....

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Detecting profitable markets

In this interactive session, participants will discover through the success stories of Jaguar, Harley Davidson or Sephora, how the latest findings in sensory perception and behavioral neuroendocrinology can help identify profitable markets: – Understanding deep physiological needs – Targeting customers with the Hormonal Quotient® – Adapting to local markets – Reaching shoppers at the right...

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Applying neuroscience to create great advertising

This presentation will discuss how consumer neuroscience takes shape at Nielsen globally including the research techniques involved (e.g., EEG, Facial Coding, Biometrics, and Eye Tracking), test-retest reliability, and validation to sales.  There will also be a case study to demonstrate how these methods are applied in practice.

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